Is the recent price hike of FDIBL a case of insider trading?

by on January 11, 2017

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In the last three days, we have seen huge volumes and a huge price increase in FDIBL. It seems as if there was news which released to some sources from inside FDIBL which was not public information and has been floating around on Facebook. 

Here is what our analysts have found from facebook:

FDIBL- Stocksfm

An image which shows the HYDROCHINA DAWOOD POWER (PVT) Limited is in the process of setting up a Generation Facility/Wind Farm owned by FDIBL


A site plan and blue prints of the plant being set up by FDIBL

An image of page from the original proposal

All these images are not accessible to the public but the real question is who really was behind this information leak and is this information leak a crime?

It seems as if all fingers are pointing towards this gentlemen:

insider trader

or is it this gentlemen telling people in his whatsapp group?


All these are advancements inside FDIBL  can be the reason which the price has increased a lot, however, this is not public information, hence it can classify for insider trader.

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